“2020 BEST BAR-B-Q”



Over 80 years ago, my grandfather was in the business of smoking meats in his small general store in rural Texas. I am told that people came from all around just to buy his smoked meats and special sauces.

Through the years the recipes have changed slightly, but we are still committed to quality. Fresh meats (never frozen) go into our smokers very early every morning and some even go in the night before.

This gives our meats a rich, smoky flavor while remaining tender and juicy!

We offer fresh food made to order:

  • Fresh cut fries
  • Meats are fresh, never frozen
  • U.S. farm-raised catfish
  • Double hand-battered chicken fried steak
  • Full time chefs ready to serve you
  • High quality foods
  • Clean, family friendly environment


And, just like my grandfather 80 years ago, we still believe our guests are our greatest asset. Our success is due to you-this is why we will always believe:

Our guests are #1

Our company has grown from one small restaurant to eight restaurant locations. Each one of them is family owned and operated. We built these restaurants as extensions of our homes. We firmly believe we are not in the restaurant or food service business, but the PEOPLE business. From our beloved employees to our wonderful guests, we are so appreciative to them all, that they have chosen us to either work or eat with us. We are God fearing people who love to support and invest in our communities.

We are also THE state’s largest caterer with the ability to serve up to 20,000 people. Our food service division provides daily food service to major businesses, schools, and the oil and gas industry to name a few. We not only serve the best Bar-B-Q but our offerings are only limited by our clients imagination. From Mexican food to down home Southern Cookin’, we’ve got you covered.

Our Swadley’s Emergency Relief Team (SERT), has provided services to the major power companies at every hurricane, major ice storm and tornado since 1998.

– Ron Swadley